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Fellow visitors, today we want to tell you a little story, a bit of history from the world of the streaming websites. Maybe you’ve never heard about PrimeWire but for sure you know something about 123Movies. Do you suspect what it is about?

123Movies is the father of PrimeWire and that’s how everything started like 10 years ago when we’ve built this website for the first time, entering in the world of online free streaming with a little site which lately became one of the biggest free streaming platforms ever made and today, after 10 years, people are still talking about 123Movies and visit regularly our website to keep themselves updated with the latest episodes from their favorite tv shows.

Probably you are asking how 123Movies became PrimeWire? Well, at the beginnings things were doing great about this site, we were permanently adding new content, our pages were very good positioned in Google search results and our website was visited by millions of people every month, making this site to be self sustainable while running on expensive servers and paying a lot of licenses for the tools we used in order to keep everything up and running.

Unfortunately, after the good times there were dark days upon as when lots of problems started to appear, technical bugs that we couldn’t fix, we started to be affected by the Google’s algorithm updates and the majority of fans left us. Those were rough times for us and our website.

Then, with all the problems, we knew the time has come for us to change everything about this site to make it great again. And that’s the moment when 123Movies was born. Inspired, of course, by the old name and wanted to keep it in the same zone, we’ve decided that 123Movies is the best name for our new website and soon we started to build it as the best streaming site ever made. At that moment we’ve changed everything about the website, from the design to the database and the features, making it way better overall.

In a very short time, 123Movies managed to become the most popular streaming site at that time. The shutting down of another big site in the same period helped 123Movies to grow a lot because people were looking for another place where they can watch their favorite movies and series for free, and 123Movies seemed to be the perfect alternative.

At the beginning, our database was made only of tv shows and it was probably the biggest collection of watch series available on a free site. Soon, we considered that we’ve done our best in the tv shows part and started to publish a big quantity of movies in high quality. The movies have always been more watched that the shows and this really made us grow more.

Sometimes we were forced to change our web domain due to new Google updates or because this address was blocked in some countries because of their laws and the prohibition of online streaming. We were always present here to figure out how to solve all the problems as fast as possible so all the visitors around the world are able to access our site and enjoy free entertainment without registration.

Now the things are pretty stable and you don’t have to worry about not being able to visit our site. 123Movies is unblocked everywhere and this kind of sites can’t be shutted down anymore as in the past so we will always be here to provide you the best movies and series in high quality. If you like 123Movies, please don’t forget to bookmark our site and also a share on your social media pages would help as a lot!